Fully Funded Microsoft Paid Internship Program 2022


Applications are now open for all international applicants to apply for Microsoft Paid Internship 2022. Microsoft Internship is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and is a fully funded internship opportunity.

Training details:

So you will stay for 6 months or you have to stay for 1 year in the US or Canada.
All expenses are fully funded by the Microsoft organization.
Offer current undergraduate, graduate, MBA, or PhD students.
There are no registration fees.
This is the complete online procedure.
No IELTS or TOEFL required to apply for this international training.

Imagine yourself as a Microsoft intern, join Microsoft today, and help innovate and shape the businesses of tomorrow.
As a trainee, you will get salaries, relocation benefits, and many other amazing perks! You can also apply for the list of upcoming internships offered around the world.

Information about the training:

Company: Microsoft.
Duration of training: from 1 to 6 months.
Qualifying stage for training: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Master’s in Business Administration, Ph.D.
Financial coverage: fully funded.
Microsoft Training Areas:
Training opportunities depend on education level and/or location. ✍️ They offer training roles in the following areas including but not limited to.

Why you should train:

He will offer internships in Redmond, Washington, and Bay Area, California in the USA, as well as at garage training programs in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Training benefits:

You will get the following benefits here:
monthly wage
Relocation benefits (travel allowance).
Many other amazing perks.

selection criteria :

To be considered for an internship, you must be registered full-time as a student
Must return to the University/College for a minimum period of one semester, semester or quarter.
It is open to current undergraduate, masters, MBA and PhD students.

How to apply:

Online application process
To apply for training
Please visit the official Microsoft University Internship Program website.

Training link: https://bit.ly/3a55m7t

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