Free courses from Deakin University in Australia with an accredited certificate


About the courses:

They are basically driving courses, and you will get certificates at the end of the course. Hands-on and hands-on work that enhances your knowledge and thoroughly learns everything related to this course.
This course is developed by Deakin University located in Australia, which is one of the most prestigious universities.

Deakin University welcomes students to join its free courses and explore new things especially those who wish to be part of a top organization and become great learners.
With over 61,000 students, Deakin is one of the largest universities in Australia and all students, regardless of campus or study method, benefit from Deakin’s award-winning digital environment. Deakin’s four colleges offer courses in arts, sciences, sports, nutrition, architecture, business, law, medicine, engineering, allied health, and teaching.

Course details:

Country: Australia
Awarding Body: Deakin University
Countries available for application: Application is available in all Arab countries
Education level: high school, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate
Application deadline: Now open.

Why should you enroll in this course?

Completely free online course.
No registration fee.
Learn from the experts.
A certified certificate will also be available.
You will learn new skills and ideas.
Easy to access.

What will you gain after completing this course?

In the Deakin University online course, you will be able to learn:
What is leadership? How do you drive?
You will study the roles of other leaders, their great success history, and how they manage and lead organizations
You will learn how you and other people can use their personal skills and strength in society to survive.
You will be able to identify the change in leadership thinking now and in the future.

Course summary:

Host university: Deakin University, Australia.
Course duration: two weeks.
Languages: English.
Price: Free.
Certificate Availability: Yes.

Explanation of how to apply?

Click on the link below.
After opening the link, browse the courses at the bottom of the page and choose the right one for you.
Register and fill in your information.

Courses link:

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