Fully funded one-year volunteering opportunity in Sweden 2022


Volunteer opportunity in Sweden 2022 for all those wishing to travel and train in Sweden
The opportunity is offered by Trans Europe Halles
Now open to students around the world.
This organization has been at the forefront of reusing industrial and commercial buildings for arts, culture, and community uses since 1983.
Apply now by getting to know the details below if you would like to volunteer in Sweden for free.

Volunteer details:

Country: Sweden
City: Lund
Donor: Trans Europe Halls
Countries available for submission: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, and most countries of the world.
Academic level: high school, baccalaureate, masters and doctorate.
Submission: Available to all academic levels, including students, graduates, and diplomas.
Internship Duration: 52 weeks from February 1, 2022 to February 1, 2023
Application deadline: November 30, 2021.

Information about volunteering:

The organization is looking for enthusiasts to join its international team in Lund, Sweden, for a period of one year starting February 1, 2022! Across Europe HALISE (Doctor of Volunteering) is a European network with over 135 members in 39 European countries in every part of the continent started by citizens and artists.
This organization has been at the forefront of reusing industrial and commercial buildings for arts, culture, and community uses since 1983. The members of TEH are interdisciplinary spaces that bring together artistic and social activities, as they believe that arts and culture have the power to transform people, spaces and communities.

Why this volunteer?

The task facilitator will prepare a tailored professional development program when the volunteers arrive with the volunteer. Job shadowing will be scheduled with TEH staff at the beginning of the volunteer tenure to get an overview of the organization, the projects we run/part of and the variety of tasks the team carries out on a daily basis. For this opportunity, the volunteer will be mentored on a daily basis by our communications team.

Important notes about volunteering:

Volunteering does not require a language certificate to apply.
Volunteering is available to all students and graduates of any qualification.
It has no upper age limit.

Funding available in the grant:

A monthly stipend will be provided to cover living costs
Providing a Swedish language course while working
local transportation
A letter of acceptance is provided to assist in obtaining a visa
Residence in Sweden allows you to move within the Schengen countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria and other countries without a visa.

Required Documents:

Professional CV
Writing an essay letter of intent.

How to apply to volunteer?

1- Click on the link below
2- Click on the word “Apply”.
Register and fill in your information.

Volunteer Link: https://bit.ly/3kHnQAR

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