Hungarian government scholarship without condition English language 2022


Information on the Hungarian Government Scholarship:

Country: Hungary (Hungary).
Academic level: for all grades
Language Proficiency Certificate: (Not mandatory) IELTS / TOEFL language certificate
Study: You can study in the Hungarian language because you will get a free preparatory year to study the Hungarian language.
Nationalities available for submission: All Arab countries.
Specialties: A large number of specialties.
Number of scholarships: 5000 scholarships.
Duration of the scholarship: Bachelor’s: 2-4 years, Master’s: 1-6 years, Doctorate: 4 years.
Application deadline: January 15, 2022.

Funding available in the grant:

Full tuition fees covered for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
Monthly stipend: HUF 43,700/month which is enough to cover your food and other expenses.
Full accommodation will be provided.
health insurance.
Air tickets will also be provided to selected students.

Application criteria:

The applicant should not have Hungarian citizenship.
Not have previously received a Hungarian scholarship
Achieving the minimum required language requirement.

Language proficiency in the scholarship:

If it is:
Study in English:
A minimum level of proficiency must be achieved according to the required university.
Study in the Hungarian language (there is a free year if you study in it):
Students must take a Hungarian language course for a preparatory year before starting their studies.
In addition to the Hungarian language, some subjects related to the selected course will be taught in Hungarian.
Study in other languages: A minimum language proficiency for the chosen program must be achieved according to the desired university.

Documents required for the scholarship:

Education certificate (high school certificate “in case of applying for a bachelor’s degree”).
Graduation certificate from the university or college or any equivalent “in case of applying for a master’s or doctorate”.
Proof of citizenship (eg passport).
A short biography.
A medical report proving that the applicant is safe from HIV, viral hepatitis, or any other epidemics (no month has passed since the date of its issuance).
2 letters of recommendation (from any professor or university doctor).
Motivation letter (talking about your motives for studying the major and studying in Hungary) (at least one page, written in Times New Roman font, size 12).
IELTS/TOEFL language certificate is not mandatory.

Explanation of how to apply:

Create an account directly through the electronic registration portal in the link below, and then upload all the required information and documents on the site, and then submit the application within the above-mentioned period. After your submission on the official website, you must contact the official partner of your country and you can find out.

Source: Shabab Talanted

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