An opportunity to volunteer and travel to Germany for free, fully funded 2022


Details of volunteering and traveling to Germany:

Country: Germany
City: Beetzendorf
Organization name: Freundeskreis Ökodorf
Countries available for submission: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, and most countries of the world.
Academic level: high school, baccalaureate, masters and doctorate.
Duration of training: 35 weeks: from March 2022 to October 2022
Application deadline: December 17, 2021.

Volunteer duties:

Being a part of the guest service team, you will have various tasks of housekeeping in addition to being responsible for the guest’s welfare i.e. preparing the dining room for meals, preparing the bedrooms. If you like, you can present a program for children during the seminars.
Other tasks such as sewing, fixing pillows and sheets, baking cakes for seminars, or renovating guest rooms can also be included in your work time.
Personal projects are free for you to choose, using your creativity and skills. However, the project must have a direct link to sustainability or a clear solidarity aspect. You can link an existing project in Sieben Linden (or region) or start something new.

Important notes:

Volunteering does not require a language certificate to apply.
Volunteering is available to all students and graduates of any qualification.
It has no upper age limit.

Volunteering in Germany includes funding as follows:

Free accommodation.
Food is free.
German language course.
A letter of acceptance is provided to assist in obtaining the visa.
Residence in Germany allows you to move within the Schengen countries.

Required Documents:

cans biography european way,
Answer the required articles.

How to apply for the training:

Click on the link button below
Click on the word “Apply”.
Register and fill in your information.

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