Dutch Government Scholarship for the Academic Year Fully Funded 2022


Do you want to study in Europe? Especially the Netherlands?
The Dutch Government Scholarship is now open to students around the world to apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
what are you waiting for? See full details below and apply for the Dutch Government Scholarship 2022-2023.

Scholarship details:

Country: Netherlands.
Donor: the Dutch government.
Countries available for application: All countries outside the European Union are eligible to apply.
Study level: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
Duration of study: Bachelor’s degree (3 years), Master’s scholarship (12 to 24 months).
Application deadline: February or May 2022. Depends on the date of registration for the university you want.

The aim of this scholarship:

Preparing specialized scientists who are active in their societies in all disciplines.
Attracting scientifically distinguished students to achieve cultural diversity and enrich scientific research.

Provided funding:

The Dutch Government Scholarship provides funding of €5,000 which is sufficient for:
Cost of living,
study fees,
Free health insurance.

Specializations offered in the scholarship:

Agriculture and the environment
Economics, Commerce, Management and Accounting
public programs
Health care, social services and care services
Hotels, restaurants, tourism, entertainment, transportation and logistics
Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication and Arts
Law, public administration, public order and safety
Mathematics, natural sciences and computer sciences
Teacher training.

important note :

This scholarship does not have an age limit to apply for it.
This scholarship accepts a large number of students around the world.
As usual, each Dutch university may have different admission criteria. You must check the admission requirements before applying for a scholarship.

How to apply:

Applying for this scholarship is through the university in which the student wants to study! Where universities play the role of mediator between the student and the funding agencies, so the first step is to check whether the university is among the universities participating in the grant or not.
After that, contact the university directly to apply.

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