UN Free Online Courses With Free Certificates


Organizations offering courses:

World Bank Group
World Health Organization

UN Free Online Courses 2021 with Free Certificates
Apply for Free Online UN Courses with Certificates for International Students Worldwide.
UNICEF, WHO, IMF, UNESCO and World Bank offer these short courses online. The United Nations is a big name, providing volunteer opportunities in many countries.
All international students can apply for these opportunities. United Nations Headquarters in New York. Every year students dream of being ambassadors or being given any opportunity by a world-renowned organization called the United Nations.

Course details:

Organization: United Nations
Courses: Unlimited
Cost: Free
Certificates: Free
Deadline: No deadline

The United Nations invites skilled professionals to support the response of the United Nations system as National United Nations Volunteers.
Now the United Nations with the alliance of many other agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization and World Bank Group is offering free online courses for international students.

International Monetary Fund:

OpenWho is WhO’s new platform offering online courses for the World Health Organization. OpenWho enables its partners to provide knowledge on a large number of frontiers.

Online courses:

The International Monetary Fund currently operates in 189 countries. More than 60,000 students enroll each year in free courses from the International Monetary Fund. IMF Online Courses is an open platform. IMF training courses consist of a wide range of knowledge for applicants.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) gets money from the Japanese government. But if you need a course certificate, you have to pay a fee.

UNICEF Free Online Quizzes
UNICEF offers online course opportunities in more than 6 languages ​​with 119 free e-learning courses.
World Bank Health Economics Course
The Open Campus gives this golden opportunity within the framework of the World Bank Group. OLC accelerates development solutions by turning different knowledge into action learning.
UNESCO Online Courses
UNESCO also offers online course opportunities to students all over the world. These courses are completely self-paced course of study.

How to apply for free UN courses:

All application process is online
You just need to mention your name with date of birth
Then sign up for these courses

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