Get free certificates from Google


Google has finally made available free courses on the famous platform Coursera. These courses are among the most important courses that help and qualify the labor market and give its holder a competitive advantage.
what are you waiting for? See full details below to get free certificates from Google.

Available specialties:

These areas are considered the future of work in most countries of the world, so we highly recommend learning at least one of them:
(1) Project Management
(2) IT support
(3) Data Analytics
(4) UX Design
(5) Android Development

Google Courses Features:

It helps you and qualifies you to get a job easily.
The courses are free, so there is no need to pay high fees to universities to study.

Scholarship details:

Donor: Google in cooperation with Coursera.
Languages: English.
Price: Free.
Course location: Online.
Course duration: 6 months.
Certificate Availability: Yes.
Feature: The courses help to get a job easily.
Application deadline: Now open.

How to get free Google courses?

Below is a detailed explanation of each course/course separately:
(1) Project Management Course: Project Management
Prepare to work in the field of project management, without the need for experience or a degree. Get professional training designed by Google and quickly jump into a competitively paid job.
Project managers are natural problem solvers. They plan, direct colleagues, and manage changes, risks, and stakeholders.
(2) Information technology course: IT support
Prepare to work in a high-growth IT field, with no experience or degree required. When you’re done, you can apply directly to jobs with Google.
(3) Data analysis course: Data Analytics
Get ready to work in the field of data analytics and work for the largest companies in the world!
Data analytics is the collection, transformation, and organization of data in order to derive conclusions and predictions and drive informed decision-making.
(4) User experience design course: UX Design
Prepare to work in the field of UX design.
User experience (UX) designers focus on users’ interaction with products, such as websites, apps, and physical objects. It makes those everyday interactions useful, fun, and accessible.
(5) Android Application Programming Course: Android Development
Accelerate your step towards working in mobile app development. Learn how to create simple Android apps using Android Basics in Kotlin Training – No programming experience required. Next, take the Associate Android Developer Certification Exam to get an estimate of your skills as a developer.

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