An opportunity to volunteer in Turkey and study the language for free, fully funded


Details of volunteering in Turkey:

Country: Turkey
City: Malatya
Organization name: Kentsel Gelisim Dernegi
Education level: high school, baccalaureate, masters and doctorate.
Duration of volunteering: 8 weeks: from June 2022 to August 2022.
Application deadline: April 15, 2022.

About volunteering:

In this volunteering, which we have formed based on this basic problem, volunteer work is developed in accordance with the goals and scopes of the European Solidarity Corps programme. In this project, young people who will come to Turkey voluntarily from different countries and local young people who say “I know English but I can’t speak” will be brought together. In this way, while the English speaking skills of the local youth will be improved, on the other hand, it will be ensured that the young volunteers who come to our country from different countries will spend time with people from different cultures, learn the Turkish language and discover different ways to communicate with their peers.

Important notes:

18 to 30 years old.
No language certificate is required to apply.
Available to all students and graduates of any qualification.

Volunteering opportunity in Turkey includes funding as follows:

Free accommodation.
monthly salary.
arranged for food.
Language course.
A letter of acceptance is provided to assist in obtaining the visa.

Admission criteria:

Not having previously participated in a long-term project of the European Solidarity Team.
Open minded and able to adapt to new environments and cultures.
Interest in international youth mobility and European issues.
The ability to adapt in a new environment.

Required files:

European style biography.
Letter of intent.

How to apply to volunteer?

Click on the link below.
Register and fill in your information.

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