King Saud University Scholarship in Saudi Arabia 2022


Scholarship details:

State Saudi Arabia.
Awarding body: King Saud University.
Countries available for submission: All Arab countries
Academic level: Bachelor’s degree.
Application deadline: January 31, 2022.


Graduate Scholarship students are expected to fulfill their research commitments to the best of their knowledge, training and ability; To carry out their responsibilities and perform their duties in accordance with all Qassim University rules and regulations.
They should devote enough time and energy to achieving their degree

The King Saud University scholarship includes the following majors:

  1. Scientific Faculties:
    College of Engineering.
    College of Science.
    College of Food and Agricultural Sciences.
    College of Computer and Information Sciences.
    Architecture and Planning Faculty.
    College of Business Administration.
  2. Community colleges:
    Community College
    College of Applied Studies and Community Service
  3. Health Colleges:
    Faculty of medicine.
    Faculty of Dentistry.
    faculty of Pharmacy.
    College of Applied Medical Sciences.
    Faculty of Nursing.
  4. Humanities Faculties:
    Faculty of Law and Political Science.
    College of Languages ​​and Translation.
    college of Literature.
    Institute of Arabic Linguistics.
    College of Sports Science and Physical Activity.
    Faculty of Education.
    Collage of Tourism and Archeology.

The King Saud University Scholarship covers funding as follows:

Full exemption from tuition fees.
Free accommodation.
Monthly salary.
the traveling cost.
health insurance.
Accommodation costs.

Submission conditions:

To be an international student from outside the Kingdom.
Obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent.
The applicant’s age shall not be less than (17) years and not more than (25) years.
Not obtaining another scholarship from a Saudi educational institution.
Attestation of certificates and identification papers from the official authorities in the applicant’s country and the authentication of the Saudi Cultural Attaché.
To be with the applicant, a mahram in accordance with the instructions regulating this, provided that he is covered by a grant, has a regular residence, or submits to the register of an employer who needs his services.
To pass the medical examination approved in the Kingdom.

Required files:

ID photo.
Certificate image.
Academic record copy.
Birth certificate copy.
Good conduct certificate.

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